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If you are considering building a SIPS home, there are many reasons you will want it built by a registered MASTER BUILDER like Bridlewood.  The cost of repairing an improperly built SIPS home can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars - which, in many cases will not be covered by home owners insurance.


The article below explains only one of the reasons you will want a MASTER BUILDER for your SIPS home.  By using a builder without proper training and years of experience, your dream home can easily turn into a nightmare. How can this happen?


The article below was written by Al Cobb, owner of the SIPS School:


         SIP Manufacturer dines at Alice’s RestaurantPosted on July 17, 2011 by SIPschool An unhappy owner with a team of energy field consultants, a frustrated GC, a worried framing crew and a distinctly uncomfortable SIP manufacturer’s rep – that was the audience for my consultation last week in a major New England city ( twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us… reminded me of the Arlo Guthrie song). I was called by the GC two weeks ago to give my opinion on the fit and finish of the structural insulated panels on this 3 story, 6 unit multi-family LEED project. The owner was extremely disappointed and concerned with the installation and the SIP panels themselves. In addition, the promised 6-day install was into its third week and the crew had yet to begin the 3rd story. My preliminary background research had revealed the following: the GC had accepted a material and labor quote from the framing subcontractor. The framing sub had purchased the panel package directly from the manufacturer. The GC went with this crew because they said they had SIP experience, and so met the specifications of the project. My visit to the jobsite revealed panels that had been installed by carpenters with little or no understanding of SIP technology. I have no doubt they would have done a fine job of traditionally framing the project, but framing skill is not sufficient education when it comes to installing SIPs. Daylight was streaming through multiple joints. Improperly fastened and incorrectly sealed panels were found throughout the first two stories of the building. In addition, the manufacturer was responsible for a number of issues. The panels had been fabricated in a layout inconsistent with the approved drawings. The connection spline details, although an industry standard, was also outside the approved drawings. So who’s in the hot seat? Right now, it’s the manufacturer. The owner is pointing the finger of blame at the manufacturer for the conditions on the job site. In my opinion the vast majority of the issues are a direct result of the shortcomings of the installation crew, but let’s face it, who has the deeper pockets? The biggest mistake the manufacturer made was to sell the product to an untrained customer. The problems with the panels they sent out the door could have been easily fixed on site by a competent installation crew, instead of being magnified. This was the fifth such meeting I’ve been hired for in this calendar year. I routinely see SIPs being sold without concern for the knowledge of the end installer. A good product, poorly installed, will lead to a negative outcome. And what gets the blame? Not the installer, but the SIPs themselves, and by association, the manufacturer. The industry is shooting itself in the foot by not demanding proper SIP installation training. Any SIP manufacturer who touts SIPs as a snap together DIY system is destined to find themselves in the same hot water as the guy who sat across from me last week.

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