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International Homes of Cedar (IHC)


Bridlewood Builders is an authorized sales representative of International Homes of Cedar (IHC) - a relationship that we have valued since we built our first IHC home more than 30 years ago. Our close relationship with IHC enables us to provide an excellent level of customer service to our clients.


Cedar homes from IHC are unique in that they are made from engineered timbers that meet both our requirements for 'Green' building products, and energy efficient home structures.


IHC homes are made from inland western red cedar - the premier wood out of all the woods in North America known for its extremely high resistance to pests, decay and mold. Since IHC timbers are manufactured from second growth forests, they are ideal as a renewable resource.


All IHC timbers are pre-cut at the factory, which virtually eliminates on-site job waste. By not shipping material that ultimately becomes waste, building an IHC home helps to minimize transportation costs, gas needed for transportation and land fill, thereby saving the home owner money.


IHC home packages are one of the most complete 'kit' homes available. The combination of engineered timbers and patented interlock system provide:


  •     an air-tight home with increased energy efficiency
  •     superior fire resistance
  •     simplicity and ease of construction.


Engineered timbers are over 70% stronger than natural timbers of the same dimension. According to IHC President, Rodney Robertson, "They are pound-for-pound stronger than steel. When these engineered timbers are combined with IHC's patented interlocking system, the result is one of the strongest building systems in the world."


"One such home, located three miles from the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge, California, earthquake survived with no damage. Another home only 10 miles from where the eye of Hurricane Charley made landfall in Florida in 2004 was also completely undamaged."


"Engineered timbers are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. They're lighter, stronger, perform better, have a higher appearance grade, are more pest resistant -- especially when coupled with cedar -- allow the use of second-growth forest products."




For more information about International Homes of Cedar, see our Photo Gallery, and visit the IHCwebsite,


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