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     Our Goal:  To hear every Owner say, "I love my new home!", and to be invited back to their home as friends. Our Mission:  To combine building the highest quality homes with providing outstanding service and attention to detail, resulting is a home building experience worthy of the fee we charge and the profit we make. Our Values:>  Design and build high performance homes that ensure the most comfortable and healthy living environment while minimizing energy use and home maintenance. >  Use only high quality products and materials. >  Build using leading-edge technology, best practices and green building techniques. >  Make our clients part of the building team throughout the entire process to ensure the home meets their needs and requirements. >  Stay within budget. >  Build it right the first time. >  Stand behind our work.                                     

ABOUT BRIDLEWOOD BUILDERS Bridlewood Builders is a custom home building company with over 30 years hands-on experience in the design and construction of high quality, high performance, energy-efficient homes. While we specialize in the design and construction of homes built from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) with big, open floor plans, our projects also include cedar and stone, post and beam, timber frame, and other innovative and non-traditional structures. Although many builders call their homes "custom", Bridlewood is one of the few builders that build a truly 100% custom home.  As our client you have the opportunity to choose every item and every finish in your home.  Instead of making selections from limited choices in a showroom, or being required to choose from the selections of our preferred suppliers, the whole world is your shopping mall!  Or, if you prefer, you can ask Bridlewood to make selections or recommendations for you. Bridlewood Builders is committed to the practice of building it right the first time.   Unlike other builders, we expect our clients to work with us as a team, to ensure their home meets their needs and requirements, and stays within budget. We use only quality products and we do not skimp on materials or cut corners.  As building science continues to make advances, we are always learning and seeking the latest in best practices. We stand behind our work and build our homes so that you will not need to rely on our warranty. For all those reasons, we will probably never be the low price bidder.   But we work very hard to ensure we will always be the best value. We build homes to fit many budgets. Our homes are designed to ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment and to minimize monthly energy costs. Most are built using leading-edge technology and green building techniques. If you would like to build a home but don't know how to get started, talk to Bridlewood. We can help with selection of a building lot, work with you to design your home, provide a detailed cost estimate, help find suitable financing and guide you through the entire construction process. At Bridlewood, we are willing to tackle the most challenging of projects. When other builders shy away from your ideas or design, give Bridlewood a call. Because of our expertise and reputation for excellence, we have been selected to build homes from New York to Florida to Washington State and even in Alaska and Japan. Our customers know that we do not cut corners and from start through completion, each home will be built right. At Bridlewood, we have a major difference in philosophy from most other contractors. While most builders have been focused on how to give the home owner as little as they can, Bridlewood has taken the opposite approach. Our aim is always to give the owner as much as we can for the money, and therefore to be the best value. We are proud members of the Home Builders Association of Harrisburg, PA. and SIPA, the Structural Insulated Panel Association. Bridlewood Builders is a division of Leaders in Excellence, Inc., based in Harrisburg, PA. 

Bridlewood Builders is a division of Leaders in Excellence, Inc., based in Harrisburg, PA.

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